Why / What is Aptools.xyz?

7 min readJun 5, 2023

A new era for game-changing blockchain:

Aptools.xyz helps you move towards success.

Revolutionizing every sector comes with the need for the implementation of changes even if it tears down the status quo. Web 3.0 is no exception and as Blockchain technology evolves, developers and users need new tools in order to adapt to new ecosystems. After many successes witnessed in the EVM space, many would ask why Aptos chose a different path but the answer is simple, the EVM has a lot of limitations that can be avoided with the technology Aptos offers and this opens new doors for projects like Aptools to help grow this new ecosystem. Aptos, formerly known as Diem, is an ideal chain for the next wave of adoption in cryptocurrency.

Executive Summary:

Aptos Blockchain uses a new programming language called Move which only a handful of people are familiar with. The growth of every ecosystem in this space is directly proportional to the growth in the number of projects existing in that ecosystem. So far so good, there has been some projects on the Aptos Blockchain already but looking at how fast things move in this technological and blockchain era, many find it cumbersome to learn different coding languages altogether just to launch their token or project and this may make them look elsewhere, this is why we are introducing Aptools, an ultimate collection of tools that can be used to launch projects without having any knowledge of the Move programming language on Aptos.

Problem Statement

Blockchain technology seems to be providing solutions to some real world problems but does have some bottlenecks depending on its infrastructure. Scalability issues, slow transaction confirmation and high fees are major issues hindering adoption. Move-based blockchains seem to have found a solution to these but Move is a new programming language and users wanting to launch their projects on a Move-based chain who have no knowledge about this programming language will need to spend resources including a lot time which could be used in other important areas of the project in order to familiarize themselves first. This can pose a threat to the adoption of chains such as Aptos by developers and more so ordinary users wanting to enter the field.

What is Aptools?

Aptools is a decentralized application service platform that builds and provides tools for the Aptos ecosystem. Our tools make it easier and simple to launch tokens and secure them without writing a single line of code. Aptools simply levels the playing field for everyone who seeks to dive into the Aptos ecosystem by providing tools such as Coin Creator, Locker, Vesting, and Airdropper(Multi-sender).

Mission and Vision of Aptools.xyz — Move Toward Success!

Aptools.xyz’s team has been deeply involved with various crypto projects and has a lot of experience in marketing, community building, developing smart contracts, ensuring contract security, decentralized fundraising (launchpad), designing token economics, token vesting, and more.Majority of the above-mentioned form the various moving parts of every successful project. Failure in one of any steps can be detrimental to the success of a project. Launching a successful crypto project costs a lot more than it looks like.

With the experience of our team and how new Aptos and its technology can be, we decided it was best to build various tools that make launching projects on Aptos easier.

We, therefore, welcome teams of any kind especially those with no developer skill set, crypto or non-crypto, real or virtual assets enthusiasts, meme lovers, DAOs, etc to create real & innovative projects with value on Aptos using our tools.

Aptos uses the Move coding language which is new and requires more learning commitments and huge contract auditing expenses due to the scarce use of this language and this is where Aptools come in.

At Aptools.xyz, you will find any tools necessary for the successful launch of a cryptocurrency project at your disposal:

Coin Creator:

Teams, individuals, artists, or meme lovers interested in bringing their ideas to Move-powered blockchains can simply create tokens within a few simple clicks.

It is a simple, easy, secure, and trusted way to create a token without any coding or programming experience.

For those who might have programming skills, this tool eliminates the learning costs for the new Move language.

Benefits & Implications:

Saving time and money on audits & developers:

Building tokens in-house usually takes 3–6 months & costs $20,000–50,000 USD depending on the nature and resources, with an additional cost for smart contract auditing of $ 70,000 USD.

These high costs discourage innovators from launching projects, especially on new chains with different programming languages. Teams with low budgets or few team members, usually end up watching their projects die due to the inability to maintain the quality of code and innovate. In some extreme cases, we see some individuals working on multiple protocols at the same time hence having divided focus. Our tool reduces the above costs and lets project teams focus these resources on other areas of their project.


Coin distribution or sending tokens to multiple addresses can be a cumbersome process when the data involved is a lot. Imagine having to send coins to over a thousand addresses one transaction at a time or not having the technical know-how to create a claim page for users to manually claim the coins in question. Our Airdropper tool makes this simple and can be done with just a few clicks.


- Saves time and resources

- Serves as a great marketing tool for campaigns

Launchpad (permissionless):

Every project needs a source of income to be able to implement their vision and to thrive. Our launchpad will enable fair and decentralized fundraising for projects or bold ideas to move to the execution and completion stage while encouraging and improving community involvement.


- Enables fair and decentralized fundraising

- Creates opportunities for new and bold ideas to thrive

Locker | blackhole:

This is another CRITICAL step for the success of every project. Project owners need to prove to the community and investors that they’re in for the long term by locking tokens that need to be locked accordingly. Liquidity is a key part of the value of every token and after creating and listing a token on a decentralized exchange, the liquidity tokens need to be locked as well. This boosts the confidence of the community in the project and cancels the risks associated with rug pulls.

Locker serves this purpose without the need for any coding and once tokens are locked in the smart contract, they cannot be withdrawn or even traded and will be released in line with the pre-set schedule chosen by the token owner. This time release is customizable.

Please note, even the Aptools team has no access to tokens locked in the smart contracts.


  • Customizable & easy-to-use
  • Enables projects to gain the community’s trust

Blackhole, also, allows the project team to burn tokens to reduce the total supply of their tokens and bolster holders’ confidence in the token value.


Token vesting is the process that allows future token holders, such as employees, advisors, investors, moderators, and/or VCs, to gradually gain access to their tokens in a predetermined manner over a period of time.

Typically, the project owner needs to manually enter multiple addresses for corresponding personnel and it is usually cumbersome.

In addition, we support the cliff. Cliff vesting usually applies to reduce the selling pressure at the very beginning of token trading. For instance, if there is a 6-month cliff period, the token distribution will be distributed only after the 6th month.

Dex Integration

With the future of decentralized exchanges looking brighter by the day, it’s important to build tools that simply interact with these protocols. These tools from Aptools will be integrated with select decentralized exchanges which will allow project owners or people launching tokens to launch, deploy and lock liquidity and tokens in a few steps all from one interface. One wouldn’t need to move from dapps to dapps to get these done.

Staking and Farming

Many a time, project owners focus their resources on attracting liquidity into their ecosystem and projects with the implementation of Staking and Farming mechanisms. A process where the community provides liquidity and gets rewarded for it. Launching a Staking and Farming platform to cater for this is a huge task on its own and this does sometimes eat into project resources. At Aptools, we are building a Staking and Farming protocol that can be set up with a few clicks by anyone or any project to boost liquidity and incentivize their community. Our platform will provide the contracts and the interface that can be used for this hence enabling project owners to focus on building.


Q- What is Aptools?

A- All essential toolkits you need for a successful launch of a Move-powered project token.

Q- Why Aptools?

A- To provide tools and simplify the startup process for projects

Q- What tools does Aptools provide?

A- Currently we have Coin Creator, Locker, Vesting tool, Airdropper, and more in the works

Q — What are token and liquidity Locking?

A — The process of using a smart contract to hold tokens or liquidity tokens for a particular amount of time thereby restricting movement or usage

Q — What is Vesting?

A- Vesting means having ownership of a certain amount of tokens which can be claimed or released at an agreed-upon time

Q — What is Coin Creator?

A — A tool for creating your own tokens without the need for any coding knowledge. Create your own tokens in a few seconds

Q- What is Airdropper?

A — A tool for sending or distributing tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction

Q — Does Aptools have a token?

A — No




Move Towards Success, Aptools.xyz is the ultimate tools you ever gonna need on Move-based chains.